The Vietnam War


More than 50 years since American advisers first arrived, Vietnam remains one of the most emotional wars in American history. Learn more about the soldiers and their war here, and find resources for further research.

General Topics

  • History of Vietnam

    History of Vietnam

    The war in Vietnam had been raging for years when the United States intervened, creating a new chapter in a conflict that had far-reaching roots. 

  • Interactive Map

    Interactive Map

    Use an interactive map to place some of the crucial events of the Vietnam War in their geographic context, and see oral histories, photos, and videos.

  • Vietnam Equipment

    Vietnam Equipment

    M-16s, Hueys, B-52s, AK-47s – Vietnam was defined by a few key pieces of military hardware. Learn about some of the equipment here.

  • Armed Forces

    Armed Forces

    Neither the Vietnamese nor the Americans were a single force. Learn about the major branches of the armed forces that fought the Vietnam War.

  • Act Now

    Act Now

    Commemorating Vietnam has become a necessity. Learn how to share your experience, donate materials, and become involved in the war's legacy.

  • Additional Organizations

    Additional Organizations

    Learn about other groups and communities that work to commemorate Vietnam veterans and the ongoing fiftieth anniversary of the war.