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Your Commemorate Their Service(TM) donation honors or remembers those in your life who served in the military with an entry on this Wall of Honor and in a book in the Museum & Library's circulating collection.

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Victor AlteslebenIn Memory Of

Victor Altesleben


German Army

1916 - 1918

World War I

Memorial by: the children of Joyce (Altesleben) and Chester Collins

Corporal Chester KlopocinskiIn Memory Of

Chester J. (Klopocinski) Collins


U.S. Army Air Force

1943 - 1945

World War II

Memorial by: the children of Chester and Joyce Collins

Neil T. AhernIn Memory Of

Neil T. Ahern


U.S. Army

1965 - 1967

Vietnam War

Memorial by: The Family of Neil T. Ahern

Earl FornaciariIn Memory Of

Earl Fornaciari

Private First Class

U.S. Army

1943 - 1946

World War II

Memorial by: James T. Fornaciari

John D. FornaciariIn Memory Of

John D. Fornaciari

Private First Class

U.S. Army

1917 - 1919

World War I

Memorial by: James T. Fornaciari

Hillard L. MalickiIn Memory Of

Hillard L. Malicki

Master Sergeant

U.S. Army Air Force

1942 - 1945

World War II

Memorial by: Gregg Malicki

John BoswellIn Honor Of

John D. Boswell

First Lieutenant

U.S. Army

1965 - 1971

Vietnam War

Honored by: His loving family

Michael WilkIn Honor Of

Michael Wilk


U.S. Marine Corps

Vietnam War

Honored by: The Worth, Sutherland, and Wilk families

William F. PringnitzIn Memory Of

William F. Pringnitz


U.S. Army


World War I

Memorial by: Mark C.D. Mitchell, MD and Sharon K. Knowles

Robert AloisioIn Honor Of

Robert M. Aloisio

Hospitalman Third Class

U.S. Navy

Honored by: The Aloisio family

Anthony E. JannaceIn Memory Of

Anthony Jannace

Sergeant First Class

U.S. Army



Memorial by: William Jannace

Edward FennellIn Memory Of

Edward Fennell

Staff Sergeant

U.S. Army


Memorial by: Edward McCartin

S. Courtenay WrightIn Memory Of

S. Courtenay Wright

Radar Signal Officer - Lt. JG

Canadian Navy


Memorial by: Sara Paretsky

Derek DetjenIn Honor Of

Derek Detjen


U.S. Air Force


Honored by: Richard Roshto

David HughesIn Memory Of

David Hughes

Command Sergeant Major

U.S. Army


Memorial by: Rhonda Young