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Women's History Month: Women in Military History

Pritzker Military Museum & Library, Staff

Honoring our Women Veterans during Women’s History Month 

March 1st ushers in Women’s History Month, a time to recognize and celebrate the achievements of servicewomen throughout history. To observe the service and sacrifice of our women veterans, the Pritzker Military Museum & Library brings together all its resources and materials to curate a special collection highlighting this theme. 

From previous exhibits to oral histories, from reference books to autobiographies, from photos to posters, the grouping below shows the impact that women have had, and will continue to have, on military history. The Museum & Library is proud to celebrate women veterans’ trials and triumphs throughout this month, and beyond. 

Women have always had a place in war. The sweethearts back home, as a totem to hold onto while in the trenches. The Donut Dollies and Red Cross Nurses, giving comfort during a crisis. The women who disguised themself so that could pick up arms to support the cause. The "Hello Girls" and the many Women's Reserve divisions during WWII, helping the fight on the front lines. Whether on the homefront or the warfront, women have a role in military history. 


Previous Exhibit: She’s A Wow 

This exhibit, which ran from September 2012 to April 2014, explored the myriad of unique ways women contributed to the war effort outside of the home. 


Holt Oral History Program featuring Women Veterans: 


Posters Featuring Women on the Homefront and the Warfront 


Previous programing highlighting Women’s stories: 


Works on Women and the Military, available for loan from the Museum & Library: 


Photographs featuring Women Veterans: 






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