Commemorate Their Service™ Wall of Honor

Your Commemorate Their Service(TM) donation honors or remembers those in your life who served in the military with an entry on this Wall of Honor and in a book in the Museum & Library's circulating collection.

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Charles Hodgson HigginsIn Memory Of

Charles Hodgson Higgins


British Army

1914-1919 , 1940-1945

Memorial by: Rhonda Young and John Higgins

Lamar Binion In Memory Of

Lamar Binion


U.S. Naval Reserve

Aug. 1, 1939 - Feb. 9, 1968

Memorial by: Stephen Binion

Peter ParetIn Honor Of

Peter Paret

U.S. Army

World War II

Honored by: Pritzker Military Museum & Library

Richard T. LockhartIn Honor Of

Richard T. Lockhart

Private First Class

U.S. Army


Honored by: Pritzker Military Museum & Library

Gerhard WeinbergIn Honor Of

Gerhard Weinberg

U.S. Army


Honored by: Pritzker Military Museum & Library

Richard L. GlennIn Memory Of

Richard L. Glenn

Quartermaster 1st Class

U.S. Navy

1942 - 1944

Memorial by: Katherine and Colonel Stetson M. Siler, USAF (Retired)

Nathan M. ShippeeIn Memory Of

Nathan M. Shippee


U.S. Army


Memorial by: Patricia M. Shippee

John M. Roddy, Jr.In Memory Of

John M. Roddy, Jr.

Motor Machinist's Mate 3rd Class

U.S. Navy

1944 - 1946

Memorial by: The Roddy Girls

Thomas MartinIn Memory Of

Thomas Martin

First Lieutenant



Memorial by: Scott Komaromy

Edward PylinskiIn Memory Of

Edward Pylinski

Seaman First Class

U.S. Navy


Memorial by: Aaron Pylinski

Thomas ZipprichIn Honor Of

Thomas Zipprich

Lieutenant (junior grade)

U.S. Navy

1962 - 1965

Honored by: Sue Zipprich

Herbert BoydIn Memory Of

Herbert Boyd

U.S. Navy

WWII - Korean War

Memorial by: Bruce Boyd

Donald E. CaseyIn Memory Of

Donald E. Casey

2nd Lieutenant

U.S. Army Air Corps


Memorial by: The Pritzker Military Museum & Library and Many Others

Erasmus Corwin GilbreathIn Memory Of

Erasmus Corwin Gilbreath


U.S. Army


Memorial by: The Pritzker Military Museum & Library

Howard G. RoshtoIn Memory Of

Howard G. Roshto


U.S. Army Air Force

1942 - 1953

Memorial by: Leslie Roshto