Commemorate Their Service Wall of Honor

Your Commemorate Their Service(TM) donation honors or remembers those in your life who served in the military with an entry on this Wall of Honor and in a book in the Museum & Library's circulating collection.

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Victor AlteslebenIn Memory Of

Victor Altesleben


German Army

1916 - 1918

World War I

Memorial by: the children of Joyce (Altesleben) and Chester Collins

Corporal Chester KlopocinskiIn Memory Of

Chester J. (Klopocinski) Collins


U.S. Army Air Force

1943 - 1945

World War II

Memorial by: the children of Chester and Joyce Collins

Neil T. AhernIn Memory Of

Neil T. Ahern


U.S. Army

1965 - 1967

Vietnam War

Memorial by: The Family of Neil T. Ahern

Earl FornaciariIn Memory Of

Earl Fornaciari

Private First Class

U.S. Army

1943 - 1946

World War II

Memorial by: James T. Fornaciari

John D. FornaciariIn Memory Of

John D. Fornaciari

Private First Class

U.S. Army

1917 - 1919

World War I

Memorial by: James T. Fornaciari

Hillard L. MalickiIn Memory Of

Hillard L. Malicki

Master Sergeant

U.S. Army Air Force

1942 - 1945

World War II

Memorial by: Gregg Malicki

John BoswellIn Honor Of

John D. Boswell

First Lieutenant

U.S. Army

1965 - 1971

Vietnam War

Honored by: His loving family

Michael WilkIn Honor Of

Michael Wilk


U.S. Marine Corps

Vietnam War

Honored by: The Worth, Sutherland, and Wilk families

William F. PringnitzIn Memory Of

William F. Pringnitz


U.S. Army


World War I

Memorial by: Mark C.D. Mitchell, MD and Sharon K. Knowles

Robert AloisioIn Honor Of

Robert M. Aloisio

Hospitalman Third Class

U.S. Navy

Honored by: The Aloisio family

Anthony E. JannaceIn Memory Of

Anthony Jannace

Sergeant First Class

U.S. Army



Memorial by: William Jannace

Edward FennellIn Memory Of

Edward Fennell

Staff Sergeant

U.S. Army


Memorial by: Edward McCartin

S. Courtenay WrightIn Memory Of

S. Courtenay Wright

Radar Signal Officer - Lt. JG

Canadian Navy


Memorial by: Sara Paretsky

Derek DetjenIn Honor Of

Derek Detjen


U.S. Air Force


Honored by: Richard Roshto

David HughesIn Memory Of

David Hughes

Command Sergeant Major

U.S. Army


Memorial by: Rhonda Young