Commemorate Their Service Wall of Honor

Your Commemorate Their Service(TM) donation honors or remembers those in your life who served in the military with an entry on this Wall of Honor and in a book in the Museum & Library's circulating collection.

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Charles Hodgson HigginsIn Memory Of

Charles Hodgson Higgins


British Army

1914-1919 , 1940-1945

Memorial by: Rhonda Young and John Higgins

Lamar Binion In Memory Of

Lamar Binion


U.S. Naval Reserve

Aug. 1, 1939 - Feb. 9, 1968

Memorial by: Stephen Binion

Peter ParetIn Honor Of

Peter Paret

U.S. Army

World War II

Honored by: Pritzker Military Museum & Library

Richard T. LockhartIn Honor Of

Richard T. Lockhart

Private First Class

U.S. Army


Honored by: Pritzker Military Museum & Library

Gerhard WeinbergIn Honor Of

Gerhard Weinberg

U.S. Army


Honored by: Pritzker Military Museum & Library

Richard L. GlennIn Memory Of

Richard L. Glenn

Quartermaster 1st Class

U.S. Navy

1942 - 1944

Memorial by: Katherine and Colonel Stetson M. Siler, USAF (Retired)

Nathan M. ShippeeIn Memory Of

Nathan M. Shippee


U.S. Army


Memorial by: Patricia M. Shippee

John M. Roddy, Jr.In Memory Of

John M. Roddy, Jr.

Motor Machinist's Mate 3rd Class

U.S. Navy

1944 - 1946

Memorial by: The Roddy Girls

Thomas MartinIn Memory Of

Thomas Martin

First Lieutenant



Memorial by: Scott Komaromy

Edward PylinskiIn Memory Of

Edward Pylinski

Seaman First Class

U.S. Navy


Memorial by: Aaron Pylinski

Thomas ZipprichIn Honor Of

Thomas Zipprich

Lieutenant (junior grade)

U.S. Navy

1962 - 1965

Honored by: Sue Zipprich

Herbert BoydIn Memory Of

Herbert Boyd

U.S. Navy

WWII - Korean War

Memorial by: Bruce Boyd

Donald E. CaseyIn Memory Of

Donald E. Casey

2nd Lieutenant

U.S. Army Air Corps


Memorial by: The Pritzker Military Museum & Library and Many Others

Erasmus Corwin GilbreathIn Memory Of

Erasmus Corwin Gilbreath


U.S. Army


Memorial by: The Pritzker Military Museum & Library

Howard G. RoshtoIn Memory Of

Howard G. Roshto


U.S. Army Air Force

1942 - 1953

Memorial by: Leslie Roshto