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Front & Center with John Callaway: The Cost of War: The Family Perspective

While American troops are serving overseas, their families at home deal with both the anxiety of loved ones in combat as well as the day-to-day challenges of getting along without fathers or mothers, husbands or wives, and brothers or sisters. John Callaway talks with some of the families whose loved ones have been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Kathleen and Craig Bennett had their wedding postponed several times after his reserve unit was deployed overseas in 2003. Kathleen, a pharmaceutical rep, struggled with no military support since she and Craig were not yet married. Craig is now home, practicing law, but his brother Neil is now in Iraq.

Karoline Koehler, a German native, recently moved to Kenosha with her four children when her American husband Jerry was transferred from his German civilian Army job to Ft. Sheridan. Just as they were ready to move, Jerry's reserve unit was deployed overseas and she's been on her own with the children in a new country.

Debbie Kious' 54 year old husband Kevin was deployed to Kuwait with his Navy reserve unit last June. Where he is exactly or what he's doing, she doesn't know. Their 15 year old son Marshall launched "Treats for our Troops" when his dad asked for some AA batteries.