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100 Years of the American Battle Monuments Commission

Join the PMML and ABMC for the Midwest premiere of documentary, Our Promise: 100 Years of the American Battle Monuments Commission. The reception beings at 5:00 pm and the film followed by moderated discussion and audience Q&A begins at 6:00 pm in-person and livestreamed. Our Promise shares the story of ABMC in a powerful history that captures the beauty and the breadth of this essential work. The American Battle Monuments Commission, a Federal agency serves as guardian of America's military cemeteries and memorials in 17 countries, upholding nation's promise to forever honor all those who served.

Moderator: Mike Knapp 

Panelists: Commissioner Amy Looney Heffernan, Superintendent Carly Mathieu, Gretchen Wronka (NOK)​