Pritzker Military Presents

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Pritzker Military Presents is an original program series that airs each week on Chicago Public Television, WTTW Prime, and is also available through this site via streaming video. Topics cover the full spectrum of military history and include lectures, discussions, and interviews, with authors, scholars and veterans.

Challenges of Diversity in the U.S. Military

A discussion on the historical context as well as contemporary issues that shape the challenges of incorporating minorities, women, and immigrants into America’s armed forces.

Assessing the Ukrainian War

a conversation with Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Alexander Vindman, Ambassador (ret.) Dr. Ian Kelly, and Dr. Richard Farkas concerning the war in Ukraine. Dr. Matthew S. Muehlbauer, Chief Military Historian, will moderate and discuss recent developments, as well as their regional and global ramifications.

The Six Triple Eight: No Mail, Low Morale

The PMML held a film screening of the documentary, The Six Triple Eight: Low Mail, Low Morale, in celebration of Women’s History Month.  You can learn more about the film here. Enjoy the discussion with the director of the film, James Theres.

Great Power Competition Series: Flashpoint Ukraine

Discussing the recent developments concerning tensions over Ukraine as well as US-Russian relations. The discussants also expand upon Lt. Col. Vindman and Mr. Bustillos’s recent article in Foreign Affairs, with updated analysis, predictions, ramifications, and policy prescriptions for an expanded conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Continuing to Serve: Reflecting on the History and Legacy of African American Service Members

Since World War I, African Americans have served their country bravely and with distinction. Fighting for their best chance of freedom, military service for African Americans has historically had two sides: fighting for their nation while simultaneously fighting for their own equality and rights being denied to them by the same country that they served.