Pritzker Military Presents

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Pritzker Military Presents is an original program series that airs each week on Chicago Public Television, WTTW Prime, and is also available through this site via streaming video. Topics cover the full spectrum of military history and include lectures, discussions, and interviews, with authors, scholars and veterans.

100 Years of the American Battle Monuments Commission

Join the PMML and ABMC for the Midwest premiere of documentary, Our Promise: 100 Years of the American Battle Monuments Commission

Tet and the Battle of Hue: Reflecting on the Vietnam War 55 Years Later

A discussion with Stars and Stripes Photographer John Olson and Battle of Hue veterans, Myron Harrington and A.B. Grantham, moderated by Max Lederer of the Stars and Stripes. After the program, mingle through the exhibit with the panelists to learn more from their recollections of the Vietnam War 55 years later.

Colby Award Winner: Wesley Morgan

The PMML is pleased to introduce Wesley Morgan, military affairs reporter, and Colby award-winning author to discuss his book: The Hardest Place: The American Military Adrift in Afghanistan's Pech Valley.


2023 Symposium: Impact on Civil-Military Relations and on Civic Engagement and Democracy

This panel will discuss civil-military relations and civic engagement in the AVF environment and whether it impacts the way civilian and military leaders operate and engage with each other.

2023 Symposium: National Security in an Increasingly Technology-Dominated World: Populating the Military Forces

This panel will discuss how modernization and technology has impacted the force structure and those who serve in an all-volunteer environment

2023 Symposium: Partner Perspectives: How America's Allies Man Their Militaries

With the participation of foreign officers and experts, we discuss how universal service, selective conscription, and other recruitment systems address the contemporary security environment.

2023 Symposium: Those Who Serve in Today’s All Volunteer Force

This panel will discuss who joins, and who is recruited to serve in today's military.