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Anthony Weller: Weller's War: A Legendary Foreign Correspondent's Saga of World War II on Five Continents

It's a bit too late to make the late edition, but we have some breaking news, never before published, from an award-winning foreign correspondent - hot off the press and fresh from the front lines of World War II.

George Weller began reporting on Greece and the Balkans for the New York Times in the 1930s, and then made his name covering World War II for the Chicago Daily News. He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1943 for his story of an emergency appendectomy on a submarine in enemy waters. But while he covered almost every major operation of the war in Africa and Europe, many of Weller's most astonishing dispatches never saw the light of day, due to military press censorship.

Weller's War includes more than a hundred pages of never-before-published reports as part of a body of work that vividly illuminates why it was called a "world" war. Stationed in Greece, Weller is caught in "quarantine" by the Gestapo, but escapes to Africa to cover the liberation of Ethiopia and the return of Haile Selassie. From there, he goes east and watches the fall of colonial Singapore and a squadron of American fighter pilots trying to forestall the same fate for the island of Java. Danger circles his escape to Australia and travels in the Pacific, from the Solomon Islands to the jungle hell of New Guinea. Back in Europe, he sees Greece freed from German occupation but wracked by civil war - and then returns to Asia, where he joins guerilla raids behind enemy lines in Burma and takes in the situation in China. As the war ends, Weller hurries to a defeated Japan, where he must impersonate a U.S. Army colonel to gain access to the ruins of post-atomic Nagasaki, and becomes the first Western reporter into that ravaged city.

After George Weller's death in 2002, his son Anthony discovered the censored reports. First Into Nagasaki, the first collection, was published in 2007. Weller's War brings more of these startling eyewitness accounts to press for the first time - more than sixty years after they were written.

Anthony Weller is the author of three novels of his own - The Garden of the Peacocks, The Polish Lover, and The Siege of Salt Cove - and a travel memoir of India and Pakistan, Days and Nights on the Grand Trunk Road. He also records as a jazz and classical guitarist.