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Refighting the Pacific War - Alternate History and the Battle of Midway 

Jim Bresnahan leads a panel of historians in exploring an alternate history of World War II in this episode of Citizen Soldier. Panelists Elliot Carlson, John Lundstrom, and Jon Parshall discuss the "what if" questions surrounding the Battle of Midway. Sponsored by the U.S. Naval Institute, with special thanks to Captain Edward A. Studinski, USNR (Ret.).

Contributors to this alternative WWII history include the noted military historians William Bartsch, John Lundstrom, Douglas Smith, Barrett Tillman, and H. P. Willmott, among others. In a roundtable discussion format, more than thirty veterans and historians address "what if" questions about the war in the Pacific. Their differing views on possible outcomes of various campaigns and the implications of those changes on the course of history are certain to provoke debate.

All major naval campaigns and key battles are discussed along with such questions as whether Japan could have inflicted even greater damage at Pearl Harbor, how Admiral Yamamoto might have won at Midway, and the impact of that victory on the direction of the war. The book also explores whether the war was inevitable and whether the conflict could have ended without the use of the atomic bomb. Vice Admiral Yoji Koda, Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (Ret.), provides the book's introduction.

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