20th anniversary logo

Celebrating the PMML’s 20th Anniversary

In honor of our 20th anniversary, members and visitors can enjoy more at the PMML! We are excited to be adding additional ways for a wide range of audiences to learn about our military, understand our democracy, and be better informed to make decisions for tomorrow.

Look forward to enjoying free events for families, educational programs, and exciting conversations with military experts. Whether you are a student, an active service member, a veteran, a member of a military family, a teacher, a tourist, or a US citizen looking to be better informed, the Pritzker Military Museum & Library has a program for you. 

We are also excited to welcome unique,  exciting traveling exhibits beginning this spring! The first in a series of three, Tet and The Battle of Hue, will feature 10 tactile, 3-D images created from original photographs captured by Stars and Stripes photographer John Olson during the brutal Battle of Hue in 1968. Embedded with touch-activated sensors that provide audio interviews with the Marines documented in the photos, the three-dimensional tactile images allow blind and low vision individuals to experience photography in a unique way. 

PMML New Logo

A New Look for the PMML

To kick off our 20th anniversary, we’re revealing an evolved brand look with a new logo. The mark is designed with simplicity to reflect the Museum & Library’s aim to connect with everyone, from long-time scholars to first-time explorers. One white star represents the bright light that shines through our military service members, past and present, as they continue to protect the way of life we all cherish.

Pritzker Military Archives Center

More Ways to Experience the PMML

Our newly built Pritzker Military Archives Center (PMAC) and our future Cold War Veterans Memorial (CWVM) in Somers, Wisconsin, are being officially welcomed to the PMML family. The PMAC and our future CWVM will complement the Museum & Library in Chicago to offer a full suite of experiences in military history, military affairs, and national security.