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Meet the PMML Staff - Liz Carr

Have you ever wondered who's behind the scenes making the PMML run smoothly and helping members and guests with all their needs? It’s our pleasure to pull back the curtain and introduce you to the staff you see during your visits and those that work behind the scenes. We're starting this series, by introducing you to Elisabeth (Liz) Carr, the Development Administrative Coordinator. Liz began working at the PMML in March of 2021 and works tirelessly behind the scenes to help members and donors of the PMML.

PMML: Hi Liz! Thanks for chatting with us today. As the Development Administrative Coordinator, what is your favorite part of your job and why?

Liz: My favorite part of my job are the various interactions with members. It’s such a simple but wonderful joy to see a familiar face at an event or chat with a recognizable voice on the phone, and I feel lucky that I can be that for members I feel the same way about. We have such a great member base and getting to know them on more personal levels after every interaction makes my day.

PMML: We do have a wonderful membership base, and they in turn are fortunate to have a team as dedicated as the Membership and Development team we have here. Liz, you've been at the PMML for over a year now. What item, program, or story has made a deep impression on you and why?

Liz: There is something special and educational about every event the PMML offers, but our recent events on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine have had the largest impact on me. The PMML is in a position to spread facts shared by experts in their fields, and I appreciate that they have used our reach to inform and educate the public on the war developing in Ukraine. The distribution of knowledge is important, but these events have given me, and I'm sure others, knowledge that we can then put into action.

PMML: It's great to know that our programs are so inspiring and thought provoking. On a lighter note, if you weren't working at the PMML, what would you be doing? 

Liz: If I wasn't working at the PMML, I'd like to assume I wouldn't be working at all and I'd get to spend my days wandering around Chicago and enjoying the city! But I suppose if I wasn't working at the PMML and not working wasn't an option, which it most certainly isn't, I would likely be working at another museum or perhaps pursuing a master's degree in museum studies or cultural anthropology.

PMML: There's certainly a lot to explore in Chicago during the summer. As you're exploring the city in the summer, what's your favorite thing to do?

Liz: I love putting on my swimsuit, grabbing a towel and a book, and heading to the beach across the street from my apartment. The fact that I can go for a swim in one of the Great Lakes and relax on a genuine sandy beach only 30 minutes after traveling from the PMML downtown is just a dream come true. Chicago in the summer is unmatched!

PMML: It certainly is! Thanks, Liz. It's been great to get to know you!

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