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Military Reading Lists

Curated by the five branches of the U.S. military and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, these reading lists provide service members with a guide to expanding their knowledge and developing innovative thinking. Explore each list and find all of the books in our library collection!

Air Force Reading List

Since 1996, the Air Force Chief of Staff Professional Reading Program has established reading lists each year in an effort to develop a common frame of reference among Air Force members.

Army Reading List

The Army Chief of Staff's Professional Reading List is divided into 4 sub-lists titled The Army Profession, The Force of Decisive Action, Broadening Leaders, and The Strategic Environment. Explore them all!

Coast Guard Reading List

The U.S. Coast Guard Reading List is divided into four sections: Contemporary Issues, Leadership, Coast Guard History and Culture, and Leader of Leaders—a collection of recommendations from senior Coast Guard leaders.

Marine Corps Reading List

The Commandant's Professional Reading List (also known as the Marine Corps Reading List) is a list of required annual reading for all officer and enlisted Marines, whether active duty or reserve. The list is divided into books for enlisted marines and books for officers and then divided further by rank.

Navy Reading List

The Chief of Naval Operations Professional Reading Program list is divided into three sections: Warfighting First, Operate Forward, and Be Ready. Furthermore, the Navy divides each of the three sections into two categories: Essential Readings and Recommended Readings.