“Warning for Civilians”

1945Propaganda Leaflet

This stunning image was intended to strike fear into the Japanese by illustrating the destructive nature of American bombers. Here a B-17 is shown dropping bombs on Japanese forces in Hong Kong. These leaflets were ultimately dropped over China and Japan during the war with a clear message for Japanese civilians:

You are destroying your homeland

It is a known fact that America, with its huge resources and unlimited production facilities, is winning the war. Already your inner defense line in such areas as the Marianas has been breached.

Until a year ago, the closest U.S. base to Japan was Pearl Harbor. Today we have bases near enough to bomb Japan.

America has already bombed Kyushu many times. Yawata, Moji, Nagasaki, Sasebo, Fujuoka, among other cities, have been bombed. As long as you continue this useless resistance, we must bomb the cities of Japan…

Escape & Evasion Collection

Propaganda leaflet intended for Japanese civilians.