“I Cease Resistance”

1945Propaganda Leaflet

Intended for Japanese soldiers fighting across the Pacific, these leaflets featured messages that encouraged forces in particular locations to surrender in the face of overwhelming odds. This leaflet was intended for Japanese soldiers fighting on Luzon, in the Philippines, and would guarantee soldiers safe passage if they dropped their weapons and surrendered to American forces. Text on the reverse reads:


You have fought bravely without the aid of your Navy and Air Force while suffering from a shortage of food. Fate was against you, however, and you have come to the final stage.

Is a meaningless death the only thing left to you? Why don’t you seek the road to a new life and live for the future of Japan?

Your comrades, already under American protection, have recovered their health and are already enjoying a communal life.

This leaflet is a safe conduct pass to the American lines. Throw away your weapons and approach the American positions or sentry lines, carrying this message (or a piece of white cloth) on a stick. If you see an American soldier, raise both arms and obey his signs.

One leaflet may be used by a group.

Escape & Evasion Collection 


Propaganda leaflet intended for Japanese soldiers fighting across the Pacific.