“The Hour is Drawing Near!”

1944 Propaganda Leaflet

The clock themed leaflet was used by both sides during the war, with the implicit message that time was running out. In this leaflet, the clock is about to strike Japan as all the other Japanese territories have fallen. The message on the reverse side reads:

Japanese away from home

Here are some typical statements from Tokyo, where the high authorities know in detail the war situation:

With the present conditions, it is by no means impossible to meet with a final defeat. Radio Tokyo, 31 July 1944.

I can say that the general war situation cannot be regarded as satisfactory. The nearer the enemy approaches the inner defense ring of Japan, the more difficult the position will be for us.
Navy Minister Tonai, 7 September 1944.

We must consider the possibility of the Allies landing on our home soil.
Premier Kioso, 7 September 1944.

What do these Tokyo statements mean? They mean that despite the future bravery of your comrades in the Pacific Islands, the great Allied offensive continues to advance on schedule toward the Japanese homeland.

The time has come when the inordinately ambitious leaders can no longer conceal their miscalculations. Although they know there is no chance of victory, they continue making you die like dogs to save their own faces.

Do you think this is just or right?

Escape & Evasion Collection

Propaganda leaflet encouraging Japanese soldiers and sailors to surrender.