SEALs train and test continuously. Before and after deployments they are required to attend schools to receive designations that allow the platoon to act as a combat team.

The skills and training they acquire are completely unique to Special Operations: electronic and media exploitation, foreign weapons, advanced driving skills, advanced parachuting operations (HALO/HAHO – High Altitude Low Opening/High Altitude High Opening), advanced weapons, diving supervisor, unmanned aerial vehicle, leadership school, instructor school, and language school. Every SEAL is expected to stay at the top of his game, without injury, without sickness, and without a day off.

SEAL training has more relevance now than any other time in our history. Our present enemies require different battle strategies than previous wars.

“Train the whole way, use this opportunity and make your mistakes here; get a personal system and a buddy system…because it’s the little things.”

- Text by Jennifer Walton