A Gunner Aboard the "Yankee": From the Diary of Number Five of the After Port Gun (Russell Doubleday) : the Yarn of the Cruise and Fights of the Naval Reserves in the Spanish-American War

Doubleday, Russell1917

Five-inch guns like the one pictured characterized the “New Navy” of the late nineteenth century. As armored hulls grew thicker and stronger, innovations in weaponry soon followed. These iron-hulled armored cruisers saw action during the Spanish-American War. Here, a Naval gun crew reacts to a misfiring weapon; the cartridge exploded in the barrel, killing one crewmember and never reaching its target. 

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Drawn from the Museum & Library's rare book collection, this special display is part of SEAL The Unspoken Sacrifice—providing a unique glimpse into the history of the U.S. Navy. Featuring authentic texts and compelling illustrations dating to the Navy's beginnings in the late 18th century, these rare books and documents trace the evolution of naval warfare from an era of masts, sails, and pirates to the advent of steam-powered ironclads, and from the UDT Divers of WWII to the Navy SEALs of today.

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