The Ultimate Sacrifice

SEAL teams depend on support from other specially-trained military personnel. The men listed below were killed in action while supporting a Navy SEAL mission.

EOD1(EXW/FPJ) Patrick Carson

CTT1(SW) Steven Daugherty

IT1(EXW/FPJ) Jared Day

MA1(EXW) John Douangdara

LT Thomas Fouke

PR1(AW/FPJ) Andrew Lightner

CTRCS(SW) David Mcclendon

MC1(SW/AW) Robert Mcrill

LT(EOD) Christopher Mosko

EODC(EXW/FPJ/DV) Nicholas Null

CTTC(EIDWS/SW) Christopher Pike

SKSN Freddie Porter

EOD1 Luis Souffront

CTR1(EXW) Micheal Strange

EOD2 Tyler Trahan

EODCS(EXW/FPJ) Kraig Vickers

BM1(SWCC) Robert Vetter