Troops of the 370th Infantry Post-war

United States Signal Corps 1918 Photograph

Black troops from Illinois served as the 370th Infantry Regiment in the 93rd Infantry Division and as the 365th Infantry Regiment in the 92nd Infantry Division. The 370th Infantry Regiment was composed of the men from the 8th Illinois Infantry National Guard, many of whom had served in the Mexican Border War in 1916. 

The United States military was segregated by race during World War I and the 93rd Infantry Division served under the French military. Although they wore uniforms from the United States, the 93rd Infantry Division was otherwise equipped with French supplies. However, by the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, they were issued supplies from the United States. They were led by mostly black officers with only one white officer. The 93rd Infantry Division had two Medal of Honor recipients, 75 Distinguished Service Crosses, and 527 Croix de Guerre medals.

The 92nd Infantry Division was composed of new recruits and drafted men. They were led by inexperienced black junior officers and commanded by racist white senior officers. The 92nd Infantry Division served as part of the United States and saw combat in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. Although they did not received the same praise as the 93rd Infantry Division, the men of the 92nd Infantry Division served admirably.


Photo of men from the 370th Infantry Regiment after WWI

370th Post-War