Whom do you die for? For whom does your son die? 

Ngô Vǎn TâmUnknownWhom do you die for? For whom does your son die?Anh chết cho ai? Vì ai con anh chết?


Propaganda aimed at the public in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) did not always focus on the promise of a better life under communism. Instead, the message focused on turning the public against what they portrayed as the unbridled aggression of the invaders. Often presenting the United States, capitalists, and their allies as greedy and indifferent to human life, North Vietnam attempted to make those Vietnamese who fought with the United States question their motives. In this image General William Westmoreland looms over a South Vietnamese soldier holding his son. The soldier is equipped with materials from the United States. 

Original North Vietnamese Propaganda Poster

Harold "Hal" Moore - Long War