The South does not regret its blood. The North does not regret its sweat. 

UnknownUnknownThe South does not regret its blood. Miền Nam Không Tiếc Mau.The North does not regret its sweat.Miền Bắc Nam Không Tiếc Mồhôi.


The United States bombed the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) on and off for the entirety of the Vietnam War. By 1967, the bombings had nearly destroyed the economy of North Vietnam and food shortages became widespread. Factories in North Vietnam were broken up and spread to rural areas. North Vietnam relied on its citizens’ work to keep transportation systems open and supplies moving to the soldiers. North Vietnam created propaganda designed to keep the public focused on industry. Civilians working in factories and on farms were rarely told when a family member was injured or killed for fear that it would affect people’s commitment to the war.

Original North Vietnamese Propaganda Poster