9th Infantry DivisionUnited States ArmyVietnam 1968-1969

"THE ENEMY COMMITTED ATROCITIES against the Vietnamese civilian population that were rarely reported by the press. It was commonplace for the VC to execute village chiefs and their families as an example not to cooperate with the South Vietnamese government. THE NVA WERE JUST AS RUTHLESS. A Special Forces Camp in the Central Highlands was attacked when a Ranger unit was away from the camp on operations and the NVA threw grenades into bunkers that had the families (women, children, and the elderly) of the rangers inside.”


This broadside featuring the words of Vietnam War veteran Major General James Mukoyama, U.S. Army (retired) was printed for the Pritzker Military Museum & Library's 2016 exhibit Hunting Charlie: Finding the Enemy in the Vietnam War. Set in Arial and designed by Kenneth Clarke and Kat Latham.

Paul LaFalce - Relentless