9th Infantry Division United States Army  Vietnam 1968-1969 

THE VIET CONG WERE FIERCELY DEDICATED to their cause and often committed atrocities against the Vietnamese civilian population.  In one battle, I witnessed a dying VC throw his AK-47 into a canal with his last body strength in order to PREVENT A CAPTURED WEAPON being counted.  They had decades of experience fighting foreign troops prior to the involvement of the United States and had HONED THEIR SMALL-UNIT GUERRILLA TACTICS.


This broadside featuring the words of Vietnam War veteran Major General James Mukoyama, U.S. Army (retired) was printed for the Pritzker Military Museum & Library's 2016 exhibit Hunting Charlie: Finding the Enemy in the Vietnam War. Set in Arial and designed by Kenneth Clarke and Kat Latham.

Ken Rodgers - Siege of Khe Sanh