1962Indomitable South 

Lê Trọng Cường1962Indomitable SouthMiến Nam Bãt Khuất


During 1960 and 1961, the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) struggled to curb ongoing acts of violence by the National Liberation Front (Viet Cong). In 1962, the United States began Operation Chopper and Operation Ranch Hand. Operation Chopper consisted of United States helicopters flown by United States service members carrying South Vietnamese paratroopers to an assault on the Viet Cong. Operation Ranch Hand consisted of the systematic use of defoliants over rural areas of South Vietnam to reduce cover and food for the Viet Cong. At the same time, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) produced propaganda praising the Viet Cong for standing strong against the forces of capitalism, South Vietnam, and the United States as they attempt to tear them down. In North Vietnamese propaganda, the United States was represented by a dog.

Original North Vietnamese Propaganda Poster