End the War in Vietnam. Down with Nixon!  

Ngọc Qúy1972End the war in Vietnam Chấm dứt chiến tranh ở Việt-Nam Down with Nixon! Đả Đảo Ních-xơn!

Active in the anti-war movement, Jane Fonda traveled to Hanoi in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) in July 1972. Her visit lasted two weeks and included visits to sites that had been bombed by the United States, a meeting with prisoners of war, and a visit to a military instillation. In the United States, Fonda’s visit angered Americans who saw it as an act of treason. North Vietnam used her anti-war activities and her visit as propaganda; to show that even famous American actresses and American veterans were against the war and the president. Stories of Fonda’s actions in support of North Vietnam during her visit grew to epic proportions in both countries. She is still known as “Hanoi Jane” and is considered a traitor by many in the United States. 


North Vietnamese Propaganda Poster

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