Capitalists pay no heed to a soldier's life. 

Ngọc Lân1963Capitalists pay no heed to a soldier's life.Bọn tư bản có nghĩ gì đến thân người lính.

The Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam), made great efforts to hide information about wounded and killed soldiers from their families. The People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN) set up large camps in isolated areas of North Vietnam to hide injured and maimed veterans. Designed to keep civilians from seeing the carnage of the war, these camps were North Vietnam’s way of managing public opinion in favor of a war that would ultimately cost around one million PAVN soldiers’ lives. At the same time, North Vietnam produced propaganda designed to make their citizens believe that capitalist countries valued money over people’s lives; including the lives of soldiers. This message would be echoed by antiwar protesters in the United States.

Original North Vietnamese Propaganda Poster

Joe Galloway - Enemy