Only Know Photo of the Whole Gilbreath Family

Susan Gilbreath Lane Family Scrapbook Ca. 1890.

By 1888, when Captain Erasmus Corwin Gilbreath was ordered to Sacketts Harbor, New York, his family consisted of his wife, Susan and their three living children; William, Etta, and Nan. With the exception of periods in which they stayed with extended family in Baltimore, Maryland, Gilbreath’s family accompanied him to his various posts. William was born in 1867 in Mississippi. Etta was born in 1870 in Baltimore. Nan, the Gilbreaths’ youngest child, was born in a tent on the way to Fort Custer in 1877. This is the only known photograph of the entire family.

Standing from left to right: William, Nan, and Susan Corse Gilbreath; Seated from left to right: Etta and Erasmus Corwin Gilbreath