The Cuban and Porto Rican Campaigns

Davis, Richard Harding 1898 Puerto Rico is an archipelago and was a Spanish colony for over 400 years. During the Spanish-American War, U. S. troops led by Major General Nelson A. Miles landed at Guánica and embarked upon the Puerto Rican campaign lasting from May 8–August 13, 1898. In the Treaty of Paris, Spain ceded Puerto Rico to the United States. Today, it is a territory of the United States and people born there are U. S. citizens. On June 2, 1898, Gilbreath’s Regiment received orders to report to Tampa, Florida for what he assumed to be preparations to go to Cuba. Ultimately directed to Puerto Rico by Major General Miles the 11th U.S. Infantry landed on August 2. Gilbreath began to feel ill on August 11 and died from his illness on August 22, 1898. 

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