Battle of Lake Erie

Battles & Conflicts of the War of 1812

The War of 1812 lasted nearly 3 years and there were military engagements from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to Lake Erie. Learn more about some of these battles and their outcomes through our YouTube series This Week In Military History

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The Battle of Horseshoe Bend

On March 27, 1814, Tennessee Militia General Andrew Jackson marched about 4,000 troops, including Native American allies and U.S. Army regulars, towards Horseshoe Bend against 1,000 Red Stick warriors.


The Battle of Craney Island 

Craney Island held strategic land value to the Americans due to its position at the entrance of the Elizabeth River and nearby other fortifications in the Norfolk area and the Chesapeake. Although it was a decisive victory for the Americans on June 22, 1813, it has been overshadowed by subsequent defeats at the hands of the British. 


British Forces Capture Washington, D.C.

On August 24th, 1814, British forces marched into Washington, D.C. and set fire to the Capitol building and the White House. Amidst the chaos, John McDonald and Lewis Machen, young clerks at the time, worked together to save the Senate's papers and move them to the Quaker village of Brookeville, in the neighboring Montgomery County. The occupation of Washington by British forces lasted a total of 26 long-devastating hours and spread beyond to nearby Alexandria, Virginia.


Surrender of Fort Detroit

Outnumbered and with unsteady supply and communication lines, Brigadier General William Hull, the American Governor of the Michigan Territory, surrendered Fort Detroit to the British on August 15, 1812.


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