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Note: This program was recorded at Sir Michael Howard's home near London.

Note: This program was recorded at Sir Michael Howard's home near London.

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Sir Michael Howard, 2015 Founder's Literature Award Recipient

Honored at the 2015 Liberty Gala with a Founder's Literature Award, acclaimed British historian Sir Michael Howard shares a discussion of his life's work with award-winning journalist, author, and 2012 Pritzker Literature Award recipient Sir Max Hastings.

Sir Michael Howard has often been called Britain’s finest living historian—best known for his ability to expand his writings about military history beyond the facts and figures and into an examination of the sociological significance of war.

A decorated veteran of the British Army, Howard was awarded the nation’s Military Cross for distinguished service as an infantry officer with the Coldstream Guards during the Italian Campaign of World War II, where he was twice wounded. A graduate of Wellington College, Howard completed his education at Christ Church, University of Oxford following the war.

As an educator, Howard made his mark as a professor of history at King’s College London, where he was credited with founding the Department of War Studies in 1962 and went on to become one of Britain’s most influential academic policy makers. He also served as Robert A. Lovett Professor of Military and Naval History at Yale University; as Chichele Professor of the History of War and Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford; and as founder and President Emeritus of London’s International Institute for Strategic Studies.

As an author, Howard has produced or contributed to important writings on a wide range of subjects related to military history and theory. His most significant works include War in European History, The Continental Commitment: The Dilemma of British Defence Policy in the Era of the Two World Wars, and The Franco-Prussian War—acknowledged as the definitive history of one of the most dramatic and decisive conflicts in the history of Europe. He is also an editor and translator of the most widely read version of Carl von Clausewitz’ masterpiece, On War.

Knighted in 1986, Howard is a Fellow of the British Academy and a member of Britain’s prestigious Order of Merit, Order of the Companions of Honour, and Order of the British Empire.

SIR MAX HASTINGS is an author, journalist and broadcaster whose work has appeared in every British national newspaper.  He now writes regularly for the Daily Mail and Financial Times, and reviews books for the Sunday Times and New York Review of Books. He has published 23 books primarily on military history and affairs, including Catastrophe 1914: Europe Goes to War; Inferno: The World at War, 1939-1945; and Armageddon: The Battle for Germany, 1944-1945. He is the recipient of numerous awards for his work, among them the 2012 Pritzker Military Museum & Library Literature Award for Lifetime Achievement in Military Writing.