The PMML Experience at the Chicago Marathon

Fri, Oct 7th 2022, 10:00am

October 7 - 8, 2022 

71 E. Monroe St.

The Museum & Library is excited to be hosting a Chicago Marathon pop-up that gives everyone downtown the chance to immerse themselves in the PMML experience! If you find yourself in the loop during the days leading up to this year's Chicago Marathon, be sure to visit our pop-up experience.

At the pop-up, visitors will be able to:

- View our mini exhibit, Allied Race to Victory
- Snap a photo in a mock recruitment poster 
- Explore our diverse programming offerings tailored to all ages and interests
- Learn how studying our history helps us make decisions for our future
- Learn about exciting events for families
- Speak to our staff about our vast archives and library collection
- Browse our membership benefits including:

- Free admission to the Museum & Library
- Access to our online catalog of programs, e-books, and research databases
- Book borrowing privileges
- FREE on-site and virtual programming

We look forward to meeting plenty of new faces and making new friends as we bring the Museum & Library experience to the ground floor for everyone to enjoy!