Commemorate Their Service

Honor and remember those in your life who served in the military with a Commemorate Their Service memorial or honorial. 

Everyone knows someone who served. Whether you know someone who served in the American Revolution, WWII, the Vietnam War or current conflicts; someone who served in war or peace time; regardless of their rank, Commemorate Their Service is a perfect way for you to honor and remember their story of service. 

For a memorial or honorial donation of $75 or greater, a dedicated entry for your service member will be created on the Commemorate Their Service Wall of Honor. Your entry will include a photo of your service member that you provide, a brief history of their life and service written by you, links to related materials in the Museum & Library's collections, and a dedicated book in the Museum & Library's circulating collection that will include your service member's name, dates of service and branch of the military.  

You can also share your own story of military service, and honor the people or unit you served with, through an autobiographical Commemorate Their Service dedication. This honorial dedication will include a brief bio that you provide, detailing your service; it can also feature a photo of you, or of you and your fellow service members. Your honorial will be dedicated to the unit you indicate - be it a company, ship crew, air wing, detachment or branch - and you will also receive the same Wall of Honor entry, web page and book dedication.

Commemorate Their Service Today!

Compatible file extensions to upload: png, jpg, jpeg, gif, heic

Photo of service person—preferably larger than 400px wide and 400px tall. The maximum file size accepted by this form is 1200px by 1200px. If you do not have a photo please email us at and we can select a representative image for the service person.


When your entry on the Wall of Honor is complete and the book has been selected, the Museum & Library will send you a link to your Commemorate Their Service entry and mail you a copy of the bookplate. It will take approximately two (2) business days for your entry to appear on the Commemorate Their Service Wall of Honor. A receipt for and acknowledgment of your gift could take longer. If you have selected to notify another individual about your Commemorate Their Service contribution, they will be notified as you have instructed at the appropriate time.