Medal of Honor Interviews

The Pritzker Military Museum & Library hosts live interviews with recipients of America's highest award for valor in action against an enemy, the Medal of Honor. Each program explores the lives and times of these extraordinary people.

Medal of Honor Recipient James McCloughan

Medal of Honor Recipient Allen J Lynch interviews Specialist Five James C. McCloughan about the actions McCloughan took over the course of 48 hours in close-combat fighting against enemy forces in Vietnam in 1969. McCloughan, who was 23 at the time,…

Soldier for Life with Medal of Honor Recipient Staff Sergeant Sal Giunta (Ret.)

Medal of Honor recipient Salvatore Giunta returns to the Museum & Library for a discussion about the Army’s Soldier For Life program. Presented in partnership with the U.S. Army Office of Public Affairs, Midwest.

Medal of Honor Recipient Florent Groberg Interview

Retired U.S. Army Captain Florent Groberg shares his experiences in Afghanistan, including the remarkable events of Aug. 8, 2012—during which he distinguished himself in combat by subduing a suicide bomber with complete disregard for his own personal…

Medal of Honor Recipient Gary Beikirch Interview

Vietnam veteran, former Army Special Forces medic, and Medal of Honor recipient Gary Beikirch shares his experiences in the military and offers lessons learned from a life of public service

Medal of Honor Recipient Ryan Pitts Interview

Former Army Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts, the ninth living recipient of the United States' highest award for valor from the Afghan War, shares his unique and inspiring story of service and sacrifice.

Medal of Honor Recipient William Swenson Interview

Former Army Capt. William Swenson received the Medal of Honor from President Obama on October 15, 2013 for actions during the Battle of Ganjgal in Kunar Province, Afghanistan on Sept. 8, 2009.

Medal of Honor Recipients Jack Jacobs and Allen J. Lynch Interview

To celebrate the release of the third edition of Medal of Honor: Portraits of Valor Beyond the Call of Duty, two Medal of Honor recipients, Jack Jacobs and Allen J. Lynch, visit the Pritzker Military Library.

Medal of Honor Recipient Walter D. Ehlers Interview

Walter Ehlers led his unit through the beach at Normandy and eight miles inland, where they destroyed several machine-gun nests and severely weakened the German defenses.

James E. Livingston: Noble Warrior

Noble Warrior: The Life and Times of Maj. Gen. James E. Livingston, USMC (Ret.) Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor Recipient Salvatore Giunta Interview

Salvatore A. Giunta is the first living recipient of the Medal of Honor for actions in Iraq or Afghanistan, and the first living recipient of the Medal of Honor for actions which occurred since Vietnam.

Medal of Honor Recipient Jon Cavaiani Interview

For his first few months in Vietnam, Staff Sgt. Cavaiani felt like the war was passing him by. But when the war found him, Cavaiani was ready to prove his courage several times over.

Medal of Honor Recipient Alfred Rascon Interview

Almost 34 years after what he described as “ten minutes of hell” in Vietnam, Alfred Rascon received the Medal of Honor from President Clinton.

Medal of Honor Recipient Walter Marm Interview

Walter Marm received the Medal of Honor outside the Pentagon on December 19, 1966, the first of three that were awarded for heroism in the Battle of Ia Drang.

Medal of Honor Recipient Robert Patterson Interview

In October 1969, a few months after his 21st birthday, Robert Patterson was awarded the Medal of Honor.

Medal of Honor Recipient Harold Fritz Interview

Born in Chicago, Harold Fritz had been studying to be a veterinarian when he received his draft notice in 1966. Three years later, he was a first lieutenant with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment in Vietnam.

Medal of Honor Recipient Michael Thornton Interview

Lt. Thomas Norris had a dangerous mission to complete, and he had his pick of men to join him. He chose a 23 year old Navy SEAL named Michael Thornton. Norris would later say that was the smartest decision he ever made.

Medal of Honor Recipient Robert Maxwell Interview

For more than 65 years, he has carried a message wherever he goes. In World War II, the messages were between the command post and the front lines. Since then, the message has been from a generation of veterans to all who have followed in their footsteps:…

Medal of Honor Recipient Donald Ballard Interview

When the first grenade landed near them, "Doc" Ballard was able to grab it and throw it away. But when the second came, he knew he didn't have enough time, and he knew his patients would be killed by the blast. So he threw himself on the grenade, and…

Medal of Honor Recipient Richard Pittman Interview

As a high school student, Pittman was inspired by President John F. Kennedy's inaugural address, and decided that his call to service lay in the military. There was one significant obstacle, though: Pittman was legally blind in one eye.

Medal of Honor Recipient Robert Ingram Interview

"Operation Indiana," a blocking mission in the Quang Ngai Province of Vietnam, took place on March 28, 1966. When C Company, First Battalion, 7th Marines - known as "Suicide Charley" - arrived, they had only 112 men.

Medal of Honor Recipient James Taylor Interview

First Lt. James A. Taylor was serving in South Vietnam as Executive Officer of B Troop, First Cavalry, Americal Division on November 8, 1967 when he was notified that his commander had been wounded in action.

Medal of Honor Recipient Paul W. Bucha Interview

He went to Fort Campbell, Kentucky with orders to select and train a company of soldiers for service in Vietnam. Like most young company commanders, the 23 year old Paul Bucha was meticulous in his selections; however, for Bucha's company of "clerks and…

Medal of Honor Recipient Thomas Norris Interview

For three years, it was a secret that Tom Norris had participated in one of the most difficult and dangerous rescues ever attempted in the Vietnam War. Since then, it's been no secret that this retired Navy SEAL has an incredible story to tell.

Medal of Honor Recipient John F. Baker, Jr. Interview

John Baker had been a gymnast in high school before he joined the Army. One day, near Tay Ninh Province in South Vietnam, he put the first lesson of gymnastics to pretty good use: if you fall down, get right back up and keep going.

Medal of Honor Recipient Jack H. Jacobs Interview

Fresh out of college and facing a stack of bills, Jack Jacobs requested assignment with an airborne division, with an eye towards the extra pay he would earn for hazardous duty. When the Army assigned him to be an adviser instead, Jacobs developed…

Medal of Honor Recipient Thomas G. Kelley Interview

It was the worst possible time to break down. On June 15, 1969, Lt. Thomas G. Kelley was leading a column of eight Navy river assault craft along the rivers and canals of the Mekong Delta. But only moments after one of the carriers broke down, unable…

Medal of Honor Recipient Bruce P. Crandall Interview

He is the most recent living recipient of America's highest award for military valor. In a ceremony at the White House in 2007, more than 41 years after his incredible exploits as a pilot in the Ia Drang Valley of Vietnam, a legend in Army aviation received…

Medal of Honor Recipient James E. Livingston Interview

In one ferocious battle after another, without a moment's rest between the defense of a key bridge and an assault on an enemy-held village, Echo Company had lost almost two-thirds of its Marines. But when another company of Marines radioed in desperate…

Medal of Honor Recipient Brian M. Thacker Interview

One soldier had to stay behind. The small observation team at Fire Base 6 was under heavy fire and vastly outnumbered, and two helicopters were shot down trying to rescue them. As the enemy gathered for a final assault, the young officer sent his men…

Medal of Honor Recipient Hershel "Woody" Williams Interview

Five foot six was too short for the Marines in the fall of 1942, and barely tall enough a few months later; on the island of Iwo Jima, with the American forces taking heavy casualties and unable to advance beyond the beach, five foot six was a towering…

Medal of Honor Recipient Walter D. Ehlers Interview

Leadership came naturally to the young Kansas native, newly promoted to Staff Sergeant on the eve of the landing at Normandy. He had, after all, a perfect model: his older brother Roland, who would be landing with the second wave, right behind him.

Medal of Honor Recipient Patrick H. Brady Interview

For all of the money and development hours that go into best-selling video games, the virtual world still hasn't caught up with what Patrick Brady did with a real-life medevac helicopter in Chu Lai, Vietnam - amazing feats that earned him the nation's…

Medal of Honor Recipient Allen J. Lynch Interview

To his fellow soldiers, Illinois native Allen Lynch is a hero; to the enemy force that ambushed his battalion in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, he was a nightmare.

Medal of Honor Recipient Roger H.C. Donlon Interview

Roger Donlon served 32 years of his life in uniform rising to the rank of colonel. A leader in so many ways, he was the first Medal of Honor recipient of the Vietnam War, the first Green Beret to receive such recognition. He will visit the Pritzker Military…

Medal of Honor Recipient Ronald E. Rosser Interview

In the bitter cold of January 1952, then-Army Corporal Ronald E. Rosser of Roseville, Ohio, earned the nation's highest award while serving as a forward observer for L Company, 38th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, during the Korean War.

Medal of Honor Recipient Leo K. Thorsness Interview

While on a "Wild Weasel" surface-to-air missile suppression mission over North Vietnam on April 19, 1967, then-Maj. Thorsness did the unthinkable.

Medal of Honor Recipient Thomas J. Hudner, Jr. Interview

On December 4, 1950, Lt. Thomas J. Hudner Jr. was flying a ground support mission in his F4U Corsair as the wingman to Ensign Jesse L. Brown, the Navy's first African-American aviator. These two aviators - one white, the other black - came from vastly…

Medal of Honor Recipient Harvey C. "Barney" Barnum, Jr. Interview

Mr. Barnum was sworn in as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Reserve Affairs on 23 July, 2001. In this capacity he is responsible for all matters regarding the Navy and Marine Corps Reserve including manpower, equipment, policy and budgeting.…

Medal of Honor Interviews at the National WWII Museum

Medal of Honor series with Ed Tracy. The Pritzker Military Library's Executive Producer, Ed Tracy, hosts a live interview with three of America's most distinguished combat veterans, Walter Ehlers, Jack Lucas and Woody Williams recipients of the Congressional…

Medal of Honor Recipients Thomas Norris and Michael Thornton Interview

Thomas R. Norris was born in Jacksonville, Florida. His family moved to Wisconsin and later to the Washington, D.C. area, where Norris attended the University of Maryland, intent on pursuing a career in criminology with the FBI. Michael Edwin Thornton…

Medal of Honor Recipient Robert L. Howard Interview

Colonel Howard served five tours in Vietnam and is the only soldier in our nation's history to be nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor three times for three separate actions within a thirteen-month period. He received a direct appointment from…

Medal of Honor Recipient George E. Day Interview

George E. "Bud" Day is the nation's most highly decorated soldier since General Douglas MacArthur. In a military career spanning 34 years and three wars, Day received nearly 70 decorations and awards of which more than 50 are for combat.

Medal of Honor Recipient Paul W. Bucha Interview

In March 1968, in the weeks following the Tet Offensive, Captain Bucha and his company found themselves surrounded and cutoff by the North Vietnamese.

Medal of Honor Recipient Gary L. Littrell Interview

In April 1970, while serving as an Infantry advisor in Vietnam, Sergeant Littrell was thrust in to command of a battalion of South Vietnamese Rangers in defending their position. His extraordinary actions over the next four days in leading operations…

Medal of Honor Recipient Wesley L. Fox Interview

While serving as a rifle company commander with the Third Marine Division in 1969, Fox was twice wounded in a vicious battle during Operation Dewey Canyon. His extraordinary actions earned him the nation's highest military honor.

Medal of Honor Recipient Sammy L. Davis Interview

Sammy Lee Davis is a retired United States Army soldier and a recipient of the Medal of Honor for his conduct in the Vietnam War.

Medal of Honor Recipient Drew Dix Interview

Wednesday, June 16th, 2004 Ed Tracy spoke with Drew Dix, the first enlisted man in Special Forces to have been awarded the Medal of Honor. He received a direct commission to first lieutenant and retired with the rank of major after serving twenty years…

Medal of Honor Recipient Allen J. Lynch Interview

Allen J. Lynch was awarded with the Medal of Honor by the United States Congress for daring, unselfish acts of bravery in Vietnam. In this program, he tells a captivating, "room silencing" tale of his Vietnam experience in a stirring and educational…

Medal of Honor Recipient John "Jack" Jacobs Interview

Jack Jacobs received the Medal of Honor in 1969 for exceptional heroism on the battlefield in Vietnam. First Lieutenant Jack Jacobs was an advisor to a Vietnamese infantry battalion when it came under devastating fire that disabled the commander. Although…