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Al Lynch and Richard Ernsberger program transcript.pdf

Al Lynch and Richard Ernsberger: Zero to Hero

Medal of Honor recipient Al Lynch will sit down with co-author Richard Ernsberger to discuss their forthcoming book about Lynch's life from a bullied kid to warrior in this session from the 2018 ON WAR Military History Symposium.

Zero to Hero tells the story of a happy boy growing up in Chicagoland’s South Side neighborhoods, whose happiness was almost eradicated by several years of intense bullying. The book details how Lynch overcome this excruciating period and why he later on chose to enlist in the United States Army and deploy to Vietnam.

Lynch’s story is of vast importance because it not only imparts his life and battle-tested wisdom to the rest of us, but also because his story is exemplary and accessible. He has struggled, just as all of us have, and he has overcome his struggles – like the rest of us can.

Allen James Lynch is a former United States Army soldier and a recipient of the Medal of Honor for his actions in the Vietnam War. He has spent his entire life serving his fellow veterans with the Federal Veterans Administration as well as the Illinois state government veterans department. He also served with the US Army Reserve and the Illinois National Guard until reaching mandatory retirement.

Allen served with Company D, 1st Battalion of the 12th Cavalry Regiment, and 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile). He had been "in-country" for six months when the action took place that would result in his receiving the Medal of Honor. The recognition of his conspicuous gallantry and selfless service to others on that day would be the catalyst for a life of service to others.

Richard Ernsberger Jr. is a longtime magazine writer who served as an editor and reporter at Newsweek for over 20 years, and at American History and World War II. He is the author of multiple successful books including: Bragging Rights: A Year Inside the S.E.C. Football Conference and God, Pepso, and Groovin On The High Side: Tales from the Nascar Circuit.