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Name a Seat in the Lecture Hall

Visibly express your commitment to preserving and sharing stories of citizen soldiers.

Used to host, film and produce original television programming and podcasts as well as screen weekly movies, the TV studio and lecture hall are important parts of what we do at the PMML to bring citizens and soldiers together. The lecture hall provides an all-important space where the public can meet and interact with military leaders and experts—by Naming-A-Seat, you are publicly declaring your support for the Museum & Library to all who enter.

Each gift allows the donor to engrave a special message upon an elegant brass plaque, which is affixed to the back of their seat of choice as well as the memorial wall near the entrance to the lecture hall. Name-A-Seat gifts can also be dedicated in honor or in memory of someone special to you.

In addition, Name-A-Seat gifts come with the option of a three-year membership with the Museum & Library at the Member Plus level, as well as a special 10th Anniversary commemorative silver coin. Gifts can be paid in yearly installments, and are fully tax-deductible. 

To Name-A-Seat, complete the form below or download and submit a Name-A-Seat Reply Form by mail or dropping the form at the Museum & Library's information desk.

Have questions? Learn more about the campaign by contacting our Development Office by phone at 312.374.9333 or by email at development(at) 

I pledge to make 3-year donation totaling $3,000.
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Please note: Giving a gift membership online requires an email address. If you do not have an email address for the giftee, please call the Museum and Library to add on this gift option to your donation.

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