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My twenty and then some

1stSgt Carmin served in the United States Marine Corps from April 1947 to May 1968. His book is about his experience starting with boot camp in San Diego, his first duty station, a short tour in Stingtao China, the Korean War starting with Inchon, the Chosin reservoir untill his rotation in October 1951. Peacetime duty in Norfolk Virginia, Trinidad British West Indies, duty in the 2nd Marine division, Duty at Quantico, Virginia and at Parris Island as a Drill Instructor. With the 6th Marines on a Mediterranean cruise. The Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Various schools attended and a tour on Okinawa. He relates some of the differences between his experience in Korea as a rifleman and fire-team leader and being a 1stSgt of a Marine Rifle Company in Vietnam.